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Who we are
MP ILLUMINATION – MARINOS PATRIKIOS, specialises in designing and producing indoor and outdoor architectural luminaires.
Operating since 1973, the company’s successful progress lies in the excellent knowledge of lighting technology, the use of high-end engineering , the application of safety standards, and the modern aesthetic design.
In MP ILLUMINATION we design and manufacture architectural lighting following the latest developments and technological achievements.
Our partners-suppliers are international market leaders and trend setters and we make sure that our products incorporate high-end elements, whereas our clients are architectural companies and engineers recognized internationally. Our production line consists of more than fifteen categories that cover the complete range of indoor and outdoor luminaires, ideal for every demanding application, such as company offices, commercial centers, museums, airports, hospitals, public buildings, hotels, educational institutions, modern residences, public spaces, streets, ships, factories. Our company’s central offices, showroom and factory are situated in Athens, at Skaramangas Industrial area, next to the shipyards, in privately owned premises of 7.000m².


The present and the future

Our company’s mission has always been to offer complete lighting solutions for any space , following the aesthetic needs and technology progress and focusing on quality to every aspect.

Starting from the Greek market , MP ILLUMINATION has created a network of wholesales with many important customers like wholesalers, architects, technical companies all over the country.

Throughout the years, the company has gradually expanded its activities in more than 40 countries all over the world, forming strong business relations with many lighting importers and designers and has had the honor of being in the list of approved manufacturers in many prestigious lighting projects worldwide.

MPILLUMINATION , always maintaining its family business structure, is growing by following the same values and pursuing the research and innovation exhibited by its founder.

The next generation of MPILLUMINATION, having inherited an immense wealth of technical skills and passion for lighting ideas, is determined to follow the same mission.
And so, the story continues

1100% Greek products

The whole production of MPILLUMINATION is carried out in our privately owned premises in Athens, under the continuous supervision of the management: from manufacturing and assembling to wiring and final testing.

We don’t only assemble the luminaires but, we carry out the whole process from creation and design stages and we also take care of each single step of the manufacturing process.

This allows us to make prototypes and made-to-measure fixtures rapidly and with excellent quality standards. This is one of our strong competitive advantages in the international market.



Design & development of new collections in MPILLUMINATION are inspired by trends in architecture, driven by progress of technology and based on the needs of the international market. The design of each new product combines shape, material, functionality, flexibility and technology, aiming at creating added value for all parties involved in lighting either by selling, specifying, installing or just enjoying the light result.

Its designing department is structured in such way so as to develop new standard products and at the same time ,satisfy the demands of various designers with new models.



Throughout the entire production process MPILLUMINATION distinguishes itself by handling the strictest quality parameters, to ensure products and services are designed and produced to exceed customer requirements. Every step in the production process has a routine quality procedure, covering both product quality and testing. As such, each product that leaves MPILLUMINATION, has been inspected and tested thoroughly, resulting in maximum efficiency.

During the entire production our engineering team of professional technicians is fully committed to develop top quality fittings that comply with high efficiency rates, energy saving and long-lasting standards of life.

MP ILLUMINATION is cooperating with industry leaders in research of raw materials in lighting accessories.

The lighting fittings of MP ILLUMINATION are manufactured, checked and tested in compliance to the general standard of the European Union for lighting fittings EN-60598 and they are CE marked on their bodies and packing boxes

Extended guarantee

The standard guarantee of a wide range of MPILLLUMINATION products can be extended up to 5 years , upon official request for special projects.

This is possible due to the selection of electronic components ( leds and led drivers) from the world’s leading companies in quality and due to the attention in heat dissipation systems and quality control.


Speed & flexibility

The commercial service is extremely fast and flexible with personal care for each customer.

By using our experience and our investment in technology and machinery , our sales department , in cooperation with logistics management can achieve very fast delivery times heading for few days from small projects and few weeks for bigger ones.

Research and development

Research and development are one of our most important sectors in MPILLUMINATION.

Supported by high investments, the projects are entirely developed within the company, from the design phase to the prototype, from the thermal and photometric analysis to the optics design and components selection.

The constant guideline is the research of quality and lighting performance excellence.


Our technical competence , intelligent innovation and knowhow in production and design enable us to respond very flexibly to our customers’ requirements and also realise specially tailored LED-solutions in an short time.

We are a close partner for our customers, as the skills and experience we have gained make it possible for us to provide fast and accurate customized solutions for every project.


MPILLUMINATION provides an one-stop-shopping solution for your projects.
MpIllumination’s catalogues and website include thousands of items , offering a wide range of materials for indoors and outdoors use, with impressive combinations of materials, colors and versions ,frequently updated with the development of new items.

Mp’s constant aim is to provide flexible solutions that can meet even the most complex aesthetic and functional needs.
From shopping centers , to entertainment venues, museums , schools universities , hospitals , our products integrate discreetly in every architectural context.

Quality and price

Mp illumination products have always been considered as a good value for money choice, due to the attention given to quality and selection of each part of the products , while a very competitive price level is maintained.

Continuous cost analysis allows us to improve production process at all stages ,so as to achieve the best possible prices without any compromise in quality , design or technology.
Special prices for projects are achieved after negotiation with our suppliers , making it possible to compete, always following projects specifications and photometric needs.

Ecological conscience

MP ILLUMINATION promotes its ecological conscience and invests in energy saving technologies. MP is shareholder of FOTOKYKLOSI S.A., a recycling company for lighting fittings and lamps approved by the MINISTRY of ENVIRONMENT & ENERGY. Our prime principle is to design and develop lighting fixtures of high quality standards that incorporate energy saving lamps and latest LED technologies, aiming towards reduction of power consumption and promotion of environmental protection.