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who we are

At MP ILLUMINATION -since 1973- we design, manufacture and produce architectural lighting for architects, designers and contractors to integrate these fittings into residential, commercial and professional environments.

MP ILLUMINATION – MARINOS PATRIKIOS, specialises in designing, manufacturing and producing indoor and outdoor architectural lighting fittings and luminairy systems.

Incorporated in Athens, Skaramangas since 1973, the company’s successful progress lies in the excellent knowledge and experience of lighting technology, the use of high-engineering performance and safety standards, and the modern aesthetic designs.

MP ILLUMINATION has the product range, experience and knowledge to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of your project. Our product range varies from houses and hotels, offices and buildings, hospitals and airports,  and landscape projects, small to large scale developments.

Throughout the years, MP ILLUMINATION developed an in-house design, R&D, quality control, testing and production procedures. Our lighting fittings of are manufactured, checked and tested in compliance to the general standard of the European Union for lighting fittings EN-60598 and they are CE marked on their bodies and packing boxes. The safety testing of MP lighting fittings were carried out at ELOT testing laboratories. Furthermore, MP ILLUMINATION is certified with ISO 9001 from DQS GERMANY, for the quality management system processes and internal activities. Moreover, the company offers the possibility of OEM services, by producing special lighting fittings according to customer needs.

MP ILLUMINATION promotes its ecological conscience and invests in energy saving technologies. MP is a shareholder of FOTOKYKLOSI S.A., a collective system for the alternative management lighting lamps and electrical equipment, accredited by the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change.

The company’s central offices, showroom and factory are situated at Piraeus Skaramangas Industrial area, very close to shipyards, in privately owned premises of 7.000m².

MP ILLUMINATION this year aims to develop new collections of products and launch them into international markets, as also to release the 2015-2016 new product catalogue.


what we do

In-house design

MP ILLUMINATION designs are based on the latest trends in architecture and market demands, and follow the latest technological achievements.

The design team focuses on balancing the aesthetic, the functionality, the installation and the technology of each product, so to promote and improve the value and output of light.

R&D and Quality

MP ILLUMINATION R&D Department of Architectural Lighting Fittings is consisted of engineers and designers following a 5-phase process to ensure products and services are designed and produced to exceed customer requirements.

  • Schematic Design,
  • Design Development,
  • Technical Documentation,
  • Quality Control Tests,
  • Implementation

Even though lighting technology is fast-paced and new developments are introduced a few times each year, in every phase of the process MP experts apply all latest principles of qualitative and safe lighting engineering.

Lighting Study and Consulting

MP ILLUMINATION Lighting Design team provides unique lighting studies, in addition to energy saving and consumption reduction proposals. MP design team is specialized in interior and exterior lighting designing and consulting.

Technology and LED

During the last years a rapid progress in the developments of LED has being described as the biggest development in lighting technology for decades. LED technology advantages of intelligent lighting control, lifetime, maintainability and operational costs provide various opportunities for energy-efficient lighting. MP ILLUMINATION implements LED technology in product development process, as also to custom-made solutions.

LED lighting can offer unparalleled performance if accompanied by the right materials. Also, LED provide a high return on investment, as durability and efficiency is promoted through energy reduction, minimal heat output, low maintenance and long lifetime.


Environment and Safety

MP ILLUMINATION promotes its ecological conscience and invests in energy saving technologies. We handle environment and health as a priority, and we have as an obligation these to be maintained through all of the manufacturing procedures.

Our prime principle is to design and develop lighting fixtures of high quality standards that incorporate energy saving lamps and latest LED technologies, aiming towards reduction of power consumption and promotion of environmental protection.

MP is a shareholder of FOTOKYKLOSI S.A., a collective system for the alternative management lighting lamps and electrical equipment.


MP ILLUMINATION production line consists of more than fifteen categories that cover the complete range of more than 2.000 unique indoor and outdoor luminaires, ideal for every demanding application, such as company offices, commercial centers, museums, airports, hospitals, public buildings, hotels, educational institutions, modern residences, public spaces, streets, ships, factories, landscapes.

Over the years MP ILLUMINATION collection range is varied from made-to-measure profiles to a wide range of ceiling mounted and downlights, to tracklights to flameless spots, to wall fixed and ground buried, to garden lights.



Product quality and safety testing certifications are accredited through the years to MP ILLUMINATION.


Our colleagues are selected based on their ability, knowledge and experience to promote light. Please advice the following open vacancies, and if you feel you can join our team send us your CV accordingly.

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