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Lighting design

MP ILLUMINATION’s Lighting Design team provides to our clients unique lighting and photometric studies, and energy saving and consumption reduction proposals illustrated in AUTOCAD and other programs.

Combining extensive product knowledge with a wide range of energy efficient product solutions, MP is able to guide you through a cost-effective and sustainable selection process ,without compromising the quality of light.

LED Colour Deviation:
MPILLUMINATION uses high-power LEDs and Chip-on-Board LED (COB) with 3 SDCM (or 3-Step MacAdam ellipses) as the standard for most indoor and outdoor project applications.


LED Lumen Maintenance

The lumen maintanence average rate performance of MPILLUMINATIOM LEDs is over 90% after 50,000 hours.

We mostlyuse use LEDs with the specification of L80/B10 at 50,000 hours, this means that after 50,000 hours, at least 90% of the LLEDs still achieve 80% of their original luminous flux.


Led technology::

MP has carefully followed up by the constantly evolving LED technology. We have believed and invested in new technology, so much that today more than 95% of the full range is available in LED version.

Thanks to technology progress the latest led modules are very powerful and ensure better efficiency, lower consumption, higher reliability and long life duration.

Our led collection makes it possible for lighting designers to create different lighting scenes, from accentuation to ambient, wall washing, orientation or open area lighting, selecting from a wide range of beams, filters, lenses and other accessories.

use high-power LEDs and Chip-on-Board LED (COB). This provides an advantage to the end user by obtaining the highest lumen output & most suitable light engine for the application. The high quality of LEDs supplied with luminaires in conjunction with the highest efficiency lens & optical systems will provide the greatest distribution variety in the industry.