Quattro Darklight Aluminum Conventional


  • Wall recessed luminaire
  • waterproof, suitable for exteriors use
  • suitable for asymmetric darklight lighting effect
  • body and flange made from die cast aluminum
  • polyester powder coated
  • for resistance under harsh environmental conditions
  • with protective tempered glass
  • suitable for Halopin lamps or led G9 220-240V
  • or Halostar or led G4 12V
  • with aluminum wall base for wall installation
  • suitable for lighting of gardens, walkways,
  • corridors and stairs

Code - Lighting Source

  • G4 lamp

    12v | 5-10-20w

101x101mm  95x95mm 
IP 65  
  • HALOPIN G9 230-240V

    | 25w

101x101mm  95x95mm 
IP 65  

Extra Information

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warm 2700 Kelvin | warm white 3000 Kelvin | neutral white 4000 Kelvin


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  • 2
  • 5
  • 18
Painted with Polyester Electrostatic Powder

Also available in other colors

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