Premium Line 5.2


  • Decorative ceiling mounted fitting or pendant
  • for indoors use
  • from die cast aluminum profile
  • with polycarbonate cover satin
  • suitable for I lamp T5 14-80W
  • with incorporated electronic transformer
  • suitable for mirror lighting in bathrooms or  hair dressing shops, for corridors in houses and buildings.

Code - Lighting Source


24138 LUMILUX-FH T5 230V 1x14W G5 (E1)   
24139 LUMILUX-FH T5 230V 1x21W G5 (E2)   
24140 LUMILUX-FH T5 230V 1x28W G5 (E3)   
24141 LUMILUX-FH T5 230V 1x35W G5 (E4)   
24142 LUMILUX-FQ T5 230V 1x24W G5 (E1)   
24143 LUMILUX-FQ T5 230V 1x39W G5 (E2)   
24144 LUMILUX-FQ T5 230V 1x54W G5 (E3)   
24145 LUMILUX-FQ T5 230V 1x49W G5 (E4)   
24146 LUMILUX-FQ T5 230V 1x80W G5 (E4)   






(E1) 593mm
(E2) 839mm
(E3) 1193mm
(E4) 1493mm


Extra Information

Uppon request the above lighting fitting can be produced in longer lenghts. Available with IP44 protection uppon request.

MP Illumination

Marinos Patrikios

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warm 2700 Kelvin | warm white 3000 Kelvin | neutral white 4000 Kelvin


Painted with Polyester Electrostatic Powder

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