Tube Box Frame 1


  • Decorative projector for indoors use
  • from die cast aluminum
  • adjustable with horizontal and vertical movement
  • with tempered glass transparent or mat 4mm thick
  • with incorporated metal halide ballast or led driver
  • with 1 COB LED power 
  • with aluminum reflector 15˚-25˚-40˚-60˚
  • in warm white-neutral white-cool white
  • for three phase track
  • for use at shops, shop windows, showrooms

Code - Lighting Source


29046 HQI-T 230V 35W G12   
29047 HQI-T 230V 70W G12   
29048 HCI-TC 230V 35W G8,5   
29049 HCI-TC 230V 70W G8,5   
29050 CDM-R111 230V 35W GX10   
29051 CDM-R111 230V 70W GX10   
29052 11W 350mA 2700-3000-4000 KELVIN, 1190-1240-1310 LUMEN*   
29053 14W 500mA 2700-3000-4000 KELVIN, 1270-1320-1390 LUMEN*   
29054 17W 500mA 2700-3000-4000 KELVIN, 1690-1700-1790 LUMEN*   
29055 20W 700mA 2700-3000-4000 KELVIN, 2210-2290-2420 LUMEN*   
29056 24W 700mA 2700-3000-4000 KELVIN, 2170-2260-2380 LUMEN*   
29057 25.5W 900mA 2700-3000-4000 KELVIN, 2680-2780-2935 LUMEN*   



Extra Information

*Η τεχνολογία των led είναι σε διαρκή εξέλιξη οπότε πριν παραγγείλετε, 
παρακαλούμε επιβεβαιώστε ποιο led είναι διαθέσιμο

MP Illumination

Μαρίνος Πατρίκιος

LED technology changes constantly forward, so before selecting / ordering the most suitable product for you, ask for a confirmation that this is the most updated product to our list

warm 2700 Kelvin | warm white 3000 Kelvin | neutral white 4000 Kelvin


Painted with Polyester Electrostatic Powder

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