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MPILLUMINATION has recently upgraded its internal lighting lab , adding a great tool for light measurement of the company VISO SYSTEM in Dermark.
This new system allows us to measure the full 3D distribution field of any luminaire, and generate comprehensive LDT and IES simulation files.

As outsourcing of our photometric testing was time consuming and costly , working with external labs restricted our ability to make quick modifications.
After upgrading our internal testing facility we are much quicker and effective as :

We already have a complete set of ldt files for our products and we can easily provide to our customers a complete, accurate and easy to understand test report for them.

That allows us extreme flexibility , especially when offering different versions of our luminaires in various projects, where both accuracy and rapidity are necessary.



Αυτό μας επιτρέπει εξαιρετική ευελιξία, ειδικά όταν προσφέρουμε διαφορετικές εκδόσεις των φωτιστικών μας σε διάφορα έργα, όπου τόσο η ακρίβεια όσο και η ταχύτητα είναι απαραίτητες.
R/D is testing the effectiveness of different technical solutions and material , during production development , to find the best solution in terms of lighting efficacy. Our engineers are continually verifying optical designs and improving performances based on the result.
In that way , we can now maximize the efficacy our products .

We can do lighting measurements even for special customized products.

This investment has helped us a lot develop and improve our product portfolio in a more accurate way, as we can double check straight away any measurement and provide information rapidly.
Οur team of lighting designers have been working for many years in the field of lighting design. We provide lighting services for interior and exterior environments from concept design through construction completion. Along the way we are able to offer to our clients many specialized and tailored services to suit project needs.

We ensure that our designs are documented thoroughly via AUTOCAD, RELUX and other specialized lighting design programs , as needed for each project. Our luminaires specifications are detailed and extensive, providing the client, design team and contracting team with clear direction for fixture selection. Our team also works closely with the architectural team to draw mounting details for fixture installation and for fixture modifications.